Food Ice Cubes in Kairouan: Mr Naim Zguiden

Food Ice Cubes in Kairouan: Mr Naim Zguiden

The Inspiring Journey of Mr. Naim Zguiden
Kairouan Online is proud to share the inspiring story of Mr. Naim Zguiden, a businessman whose remarkable journey is a source of motivation for all those who aspire to succeed in business.

Beginnings Abroad
Mr. Naim Zguiden began his professional journey abroad. Between 2006 and 2007, he worked in Dubai, a global center of commerce and innovation. The following year, he moved to Qatar, where he spent four years, from 2007 to 2011, gaining valuable experience in the business world. These early years allowed him to develop a global vision and key skills that would shape his future career.

Return to Kairouan: A series of successes
In 2011, Mr. Zguiden returned to his hometown of Kairouan with the determination to build something meaningful. His first project was Publinet, a company that he successfully ran from 2011 to 2013. With his keen business acumen and ability to understand the needs of the community, he quickly grew the company.

In 2013, he diversified his business by opening a café named Mondial Coffee, which became a popular meeting place for the people of Kairouan. He successfully ran this café until 2015, once again experiencing his ability to identify and exploit business opportunities.

Expansion and diversification
From 2015 to 2018, Mr. Zguiden managed a cigarette retail store (Drugstore), further expanding his business portfolio. His efficient management and commitment to customer satisfaction enabled this business to flourish.

In 2018, he launched Drugstore L’Escale, which he managed until 2024. This period marked a phase of growth and consolidation for Mr. Zguiden, who successfully navigated the business world, even in times of economic challenges.

Innovation in Kairouan: Diamond Ice
In 2024, Mr. Zguiden undertakes his most ambitious project to date: the creation of Diamond Ice, a manufacturing plant for Food ice cubes in Kairouan. This innovative project responds to a growing need in the market and demonstrates his commitment to contributing to the economic development of his hometown. Diamond Ice not only represents a new step in his career, but also a source of inspiration for anyone considering starting their own business.

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