Haifa Ben Rejeb, Dentist in Kairouan

    Haifa Ben Rejeb, Dentist in Kairouan

    A success story of Kairouan: Haifa Ben Rejeb, Dentist of excellence

    We are delighted to share with you an exceptional success story at the heart of Kairouan. Haifa Ben Rejeb, a talented dentist, has just launched her own dental clinic in our city. Her professional career is marked by a rich and diverse experience that sets her apart.

    Haifa has gained valuable experience over the past three years working alongside the renowned Dr. Najib Daaloul. This collaboration allowed him to hone his skills and gain an in-depth understanding of his patients’ needs.

    In addition to her practical experience, Haifa received extensive training in various health institutions. She spent six months at the military hospital in Tunisia, six months at the Farhat Hached hospital in Sousse, six months at a dental clinic in Monastir and six months at Kairouan. This intensive training allowed him to develop solid expertise in his field.

    What sets Haifa apart from other dentists Kairouan is its cutting-edge equipment. She is the only dentist in town to own a microscope, a cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment tool that allows her to provide exceptionally precise dental care.

    Its new dental clinic, located in the heart of Kairouan.online/”>Kairouan, is already recognized for his professionalism and attentive approach to patients. Haifa is committed to providing superior care, combining clinical expertise and personalized attention to each patient.

    We are proud to support Haifa in this important stage of his career. His dedication to his profession and his community is admirable, and we are confident that his dental clinic will be a resounding success in Kairouan.

    Do not hesitate to come to Haifa Ben Rejeb for all your dental needs. His clinic is equipped to offer the best care, with an approach focused on the well-being and comfort of patients.

    Congratulations to Haifa on this remarkable achievement and best wishes for her professional future!

    THE Kairouan online team

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