Mohammed Mahoud Al-Qayrawani – Explore the Beauty of Kairouan: Discover our Products

Mohammed Mahoud Al-Qayrawani - Explore the Beauty of Kairouan: Discover our Products

Mohammed Mazhoud Al-Qayrawani: The Poetic Voice of Kairouan

Mohammed Mazhoud Al-Qayrawani, born in 1338 A.H. (1929 A.D.) in Kairouan, embodies the cultural and literary richness of this historic Tunisian city. From a young age, he distinguished himself by his exceptional memory and his love for poetry, having completed memorization of the Quran as a child. This early passion for literature led him to explore not only religious texts but also the great Arab poetic works throughout the ages.

After completing his studies at the Zitouna school in Kairouan, Mohammed Mahoud Al-Qayrawani continued his academic career at the Great Mosque of Zitouna in Tunis. In 1950, he obtained his degree in Arabic sciences, marking the start of a career dedicated to teaching and poetry. He began his career at the Sadikiya school in Tunis before returning to his hometown of Kairouan, where he taught at the Oqba Ibn Nafi high school and the Ibn Al-Jazari high school until his retirement.


Mohammed Mahoud Al-Qayrawani stands out among contemporary Kairouan poets because of his deep commitment to the preservation of classical Arabic poetic traditions. He is part of a generation of poets who sought to perpetuate the cultural and linguistic values ​​of their land while expressing their love for Tunisia through poetry. His famous poem, “Tunis, the green country”, testifies to his attachment to his homeland and his talent for capturing the very essence of the natural and cultural beauty of Tunisia.

Aside from his poetic contributions, Mohammed Mahoud Al-Qayrawani was also recognized for his wisdom and intellectual stature within the Kairouan community. His life and work illustrate not only his involvement in education and poetry but also his central role in the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of Kairouan.

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