Haifa Ben Rejeb, Dentist In Kairouan – Health

Haifa Ben Rejeb, Dentist In Kairouan - Health

A Kairouan Success Story: Haifa Ben Rejeb, Emeritus Dentist

We are proud to share an inspiring Kairouan success story with you today. Haifa Ben Rejeb, a young and talented dentist, has just launched her own dental business right here in Kairouan, opposite the Naoufel Atallah pharmacy, rue Tlemcen. His journey so far is both remarkable and inspiring.

Haifa began her journey to success by pursuing her dental studies in Russia. With determination and passion, she obtained her diploma and then began the process of having her diploma recognized by the Ministry of Health in Tunisia. After sustained efforts, his diploma was equalized, thus paving the way for his dental practice here at home in Kairouan.

His new dental office, strategically located opposite the Naoufel Atallah pharmacy, is already becoming a trusted place for quality dental care in our city. Haifa brings with her not only exceptional professional skills, but also a warm and caring approach towards her patients.

We would like to congratulate Haifa on this important milestone in her career. His dedication to his profession and to our community does not go unnoticed. We are confident that his new dental office will be a lasting success, providing superior quality care to our fellow Kairouan citizens.

We wish him all the best in this new professional adventure and look forward to seeing him prosper and contribute further to the well-being of our community.

Do not hesitate to visit Haifa Ben Rejeb for all your dental needs. You will find his office opposite the Naoufel Atallah pharmacy, rue Tlemcen in Kairouan.

To the success of Haifa and the prosperity of our city!

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