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Calligrapher Safouene Miled: An Artist Inspired by the Beauty of Kairouan

Kairouan, the city of a thousand arches and captivating streets, is a cultural jewel nestled in the heart of Tunisia. Among the artists who have captured the essence of this historic city, Safouene Miled, calligrapher and painter, stands out for his talent and passion for Arabic calligraphy.

The Renaissance of Domes
During the filming of a documentary for the Al Jazeera Plus channel, Safouene Miled transformed the monuments of the old medina of Kairouan. Armed with his brush and his creativity, he breathed new life into palaces and buildings by adorning them with magnificent works of street art in calligraphy1. Among these treasures, the domes of certain buildings, including the famous “Dar Allani”, have become veritable open-air art galleries.

The Art of Typography
Fascinated by the beauty of line and gesture in Arabic calligraphy, Safouene Miled created his own typography. His unique style results from a subtle blend of calligraphy, geometry and spirituality. Each character is an expression of its soul, a sacred geometry that dances on the canvas. His works now adorn the walls of Kairouantestifying to the cultural and artistic richness of this thousand-year-old city.

The Medina of Tunis and Yasmine Hammamet
Safouene Miled did not stop there. He also left his mark in other Tunisian cities. In the Medina of Tunis, his poems, songs and quotes intertwine harmoniously with the historic architecture, creating a geometry of the soul that enchants passers-by2. In Yasmine Hammamet, the Mediterranean Medina has been embellished by its calligraphic frescoes, offering a visual experience unique to visitors3.

Safouene Miled, this virtuoso of words and forms, reminds us that art transcends eras and borders. His love for Kairouan and Tunisia materializes in each brushstroke, each curve of its typography. May his works continue to illuminate our streets and our hearts, celebrating the timeless beauty of our beloved city.

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